Trump-Haley ticket the favorite among voters

A survey reveals that voters are leaning toward a duel between the former president and the former governor of South Carolina against Joe Biden and a running mate other than Kamala Harris.

There is little time left until the primaries of each party will be held, and it is becoming increasingly clear that the next presidential election will likely be a rematch of the duel that occurred between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in 2020. That said, voters are already beginning to speculate who should be each candidate's running mate.

Nikki Haley as Trump's running mate

According to a Rasmussen Reports poll published this Monday, Nikki Haley is the favorite for voters, regardless of their political affiliation or affinity, to be vice president if Trump returns to the White House. This was stated by 16% of those surveyed. After the former governor of South Carolina, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ranks in second place with 12%, followed by Chris Christie with 11% and Vivek Ramaswamy with 10% .

Among only Republican voters, 23% opt for a tandem of Trump and DeSantis, while 18% support a Trump-Haley ticket. After that, 13% opt for Ramaswamy, 12% favor Kari Lake, Senate candidate for Arizona, and only 5% choose Christie.

Disapproval of Kamala Harris

As the months go by, Kamala Harris's approval is plummeting. Her popularity is at historic lows. For 45% of all those surveyed by Rasmussen Reports, whether Democrat, Republican or independent, they believe Biden should trust someone else and not the current vice president to be his running mate if he continues in the Oval Office for four more years, while 41% want Harris to be alongside him once again.

Among Democrats, Harris has a better record, with 57% saying they want the Biden-Harris administration to continue for one more term, compared to just 30% who say the opposite.