Trump appeals gag order in January 6 trial

The former president's legal team alleges that this is an unconstitutional and unprecedented measure that limits the magnate's ability as a candidate.

Donald Trump's legal team filed an appeal against the gag order imposed by Judge, Tanya Chutkan, in the case of the former president's alleged participation in the events of January 6. In the document, presented before the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, the lawyers point out that it is an unconstitutional measure that violates the magnate's right to freedom of expression under the First Amendment while at the same time limits Trump's speeches in the presidential race.

"Hostility toward Trump"

Trump's defense claims that the order should be immediately withdrawn because it shows clear "hostility" toward the former president. In the appeal, the lawyers also highlight that this is an unprecedented measure in the history of the United States by which an applicant for public office is silenced during the campaign, "much less the main candidate for the Presidency."

The prosecution’s request for a Gag Order bristles with hostility to President Trump’s viewpoint and his relentless criticism of the government—including of the prosecution itself. The Gag Order embodies this unconstitutional hostility to President Trump’s viewpoint. It should be immediately stayed. No court in American history has imposed a gag order on a criminal defendant who is actively campaigning for public office — let alone the leading candidate for president of the United States.

"Unconstitutional tyranny"

Subsequently, the former president's campaign team directly accused the Biden Administration of being behind the trials he is currently facing as a desperate attempt to end his candidacy. Furthermore, the statement insisted on the magnate's constitutional right to "speak out against this unconstitutional tyranny."

The Biden Administration chose to indict President Trump in the middle of campaign season in a politically motivated attempt to derail his candidacy, and the First Amendment allows President Trump to speak out against this unconstitutional tyranny.