Trans rage: video game encourages killing of priests and feminists

Three days after the massacre at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tenn., police have yet to release the manifesto that could determine whether the attack was a hate crime.

A pro-trans video game inviting people to kill Catholic priests and anti-trans feminists was released two months before the massacre in Nashville, Tenn.,  Fox News reported.

The website where the videogame, named Terfenstein 3D, can be downloaded explains that it is "a first-person shooter game with a retro style from the early '90s.” In addition, it says it has seven difficulty levels and that six types of classic weapons can be used to combat what they call "gender fascists."

The game offers LGBTQAI+, transgender, and feminist themes of gender-critical people and what a post-war apocalyptic world would look like if gender fascists won. In this dystopian world, fascists have killed and imprisoned all transgender and queer people, subjecting them to harsh conversion therapy, imprisonment, and death. You play as an escapee fleeing their detention center, while you exact your revenge.
This game brings to light the very real transphobic violence many transgender people face for just existing. And draw a comparison between gender critics and nazi Germany.

Screenshot of the first-person game that invites you to shoot at perceived enemies of the trans community.
(Steam / Voice Media)

The developer, Sandra Moen, shared the official trailer of the video game on social media. The video, which can be viewed on YouTube, shows a shooter firing at dogs, uniformed officers and priests.

Terfenstein 3D has a similar aesthetic to Wolfenstein, a classic game where the gamer had to fight Nazi forces, as the description on its website makes clear. In the trailer, red flags can be seen on the walls, modified so that instead of the swastika there are two letters, "XX,” possibly alluding to the X chromosome.

Moen, which defines herself as an "amateur indie game developer," launched another trans-themed video game this Thursday. Trans Agent X takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where, after a gender war, transgender people had to flee to a new planet. The creator of the video game once again invited players with a tweet to "kill Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERFs).”

Earth being completely devoid of trans people could not survive because of it and annihilated themselves. You, should you choose to accept this mission, will revisit this post-apocalyptic earth, evade horrible hurtful memories, and retrieve the lost dignity of the, now ghostly, cisgendered people for closure.

The Audrey Hale Manifesto

A day away from the “Trans Day of Vengeance,” the manifesto drafted by shooter Audrey Hale has yet to be made public. It could be key to determine whether the Covenant School assault was a hate crime against Christians.

At this time, it is only known that the document contained a detailed plan to attack multiple locations at the school, according to statements by Nashville Police Chief John Drake. In addition, Drake clarified that he does not believe Hale targeted specific individuals as victims.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley has asked the FBI to make the manifesto public to determine if, indeed, the attack was a federal hate crime.

Vigil for the victims

A candlelight vigil was held Wednesday in honor of the six victims of the shooting: Evelyn Dieckhaus (9), Hallie Scruggs (9), William Kinney (9), Katherine Koonce (60), Cynthia Peak (61) and Mike Hill (61).

The New York Post reported that about 400 people gathered yesterday at One Public Square Park in Nashville. Among them were First Lady Jill Biden and artists Margo Price, Sheryl Crow and Ketch Secor.

"Nashville mourns tonight for the six precious lives lost on Monday at The Covenant School. To the grieving parents, friends and family - a grieving city joins you," Mayor John Cooper posted, accompanied by images of the event.