Trans activist promotes illegal hormone distribution network

Eli Erlick has among his mantras "Redistribute your extra hormones to people who can't afford them."

Transgender influencer Eli Erlick came under heavy criticism on social media for pushing a network to illegally supply gender transition hormones to young people.

Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok revealed a screenshot of Erlick's post spread last August 5 on her Instagram account. "There are more than 20 states that are trying to criminalize hormone therapy, particularly for trans youth. So my friends and I have an idea: send our extra prescriptions around the country. If you need hormones, I am working with a distribution network to provide you with access. Everything is free, no questions asked."

"We have hundreds of doses of testosterone, estradiol and spironolactone available right now." "They are all prescribed by doctors and not used," wrote Erlick, who is a doctoral candidate at the University of California Santa Cruz.

Eli Erlick, defines herself as an activist, writer, and founder of the organization Trans Student Educational Resource, dedicated to transforming the educational environment for trans students. She also claims to be extremely queer and incredibly trans on her Instagram account. At age 13 she transitioned into a woman and began her advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights.

Controversy in social networks

Commenter Matt Walsh of the  Daily Wire noted that Erlick's Instagram post had been deleted: "Wow, @EliErlick is sending drugs to kids across the country without prescriptions, without parental consent or any legal authority. This is a crime on several different levels." The activist responded to the criticism, "Thank you for the free publicity." TikTok's Libs also highlighted a comment in which Erlick had written, "Realistically, I can ship anywhere in North America."

Concerned questions from network users were met with defensive comments from Erlick. Walsh did not stop there; he confirmed that he filed a report with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). "Sending a notice to the DEA right now to expose Eli Erlick's confessed conspiracy to ship prescription hormone pills to minors across the country and internationally," Walsh tweeted.

The Daily Wire
contacted the DEA to ask if it would investigate Erlick's network posts, to which the department responded that it "does not confirm or comment in any way on ongoing investigations."

According to the  Libs of TikTok is not the first time Erlick has released information about the distribution of illegal drugs. In September 2021 the activist spread one of her gender transition mantras: "Redistribute your extra hormones to people who can't access them, nor afford them."