The mother of Hunter Biden's illegitimate daughter requests his imprisonment

Lunden Roberts is asking a court to keep the president's son in jail until he turns over his financial records in compliance with a court order.

Lunden Roberts, mother of Hunter Biden's illegitimate daughter, has applied to an Arkansas judge to sling the President’s son in jail after he refused to comply with a court order to produce his financial records to adjust the child support he pays monthly. The ex-stripper's lawsuit is her response to the president's son's moves to stop paying child support and prevent her from being able to use his last name.

Hunter "is playing games with this court"

The news was brought forward by the Daily Mail last Friday, which echoed Roberts' lawyers' request to an Arkansas judge to have Hunter Biden committed to the Cleburne County Detention Center until he complies with the orders of this court "to submit their financial records." Six months ago, the president's son requested a reduction in the amount of child support he pays for the four-year-old, whom he barely recognizes.

In the brief, counsel for Roberts charge that Hunter "is playing games with this court" since "there is no valid excuse or justification for the defendant's failure to provide the requested information." Following Hunter's lawsuit, the former stripper went a step further and asked the court to officially rename her daughter Navy Joan Biden, to "benefit from carrying the Biden family name." Something Hunter opposes on the grounds that it is "a political war against the Biden family" and that the change "will rob the child of her peaceful existence."

Out-of-court settlement

This is not the first time these two have had to face each other in court. Previously, when Roberts went to court to claim child support, Hunter claimed he was unemployed and could not afford a monthly payment. However, Roberts' lawyers proved that the president's son lived in a Hollywood apartment for which he paid $12,000 a month in rent and drove a Porsche. When a judge demanded that he produce his accounts, Hunter and Roberts announced an out-of-court settlement.

Roberts' lawyers have also demanded from Hunter the records of the businesses for which he is being investigated by the House of Representatives, such as those he developed in Ukraine and China. He is also required to disclose how much he pays for his lawyers and agents, as well as the income from his new facet as an abstract art artist, with which he has already earned up to $500,000 for one of his works. The court granted the request, although it made it clear that they would not be made public.

Hunter at the White House

According to Miranda Devine, in The New York Post, various sources indicate that Hunter is reportedly living in the White House to evade legal notices from his daughter's mother. Surrounded by his father's Secret Service and protected by his own agents, it is difficult for a bailiff to reach him to serve him with papers, sources close to the case say. Rumors that Hunter, his current wife and daughter are in the White House have been reinforced over the past few months by witnesses who have seen him in their vicinity, as well as by the increasing number of appearances with the president (he even traveled to Ireland during the official trip).