The East triumphs in NBA All-Star game on a night full of records

The winners scored the most points in the game's 73-year history.

The Eastern Conference defeated the Western Conference 211-186 in the All-Star Game, the most anticipated event each year for NBA fans. The winners scored the most points ever in the 73-year history of the game, according to the official NBA website.

Maelstrom of records

It was, according to the NBA, a night of records: "the total points of 397 smashed the record of 374 set in 2017, while the East made 42 3-pointers to break the mark of 35 set by Team LeBron in 2019. The sides combined for 193 points in the first half to break the any-half record of 191 set last year, and the East tied an any-half record by scoring 104 by intermission.”

The top scorer of the game was the West's Karl-Anthony Towns, with 50 points in just 28 minutes of play.

The NBA expects a more competitive game compared to previous editions in an attempt to regain the audience it has lost. Therefore, it returned to the East versus West format. However, the excitement in the game was quickly lost and the result soon became unbalanced.

The next edition of the NBA All-Star Game is scheduled for February 16, 2025 at the Chase Center in San Francisco, home of the Golden State Warriors.