Soros reinforces his media presence in the middle of the election year

The far-left tycoon takes over Audacy, the country's second radio network, with more than 230 stations.

The elections arrive, and the omnipresent media influence of George Soros and his satellites increases. This is deduced from one of the latest moves of the radical left-wing magnate, who is about to take over Audacy, the country's second radio network, with more than 230 stations spread throughout the national territory. Soros took advantage of the company's bankruptcy protection to take over $414 million of its debt, putting him in a prominent position to control the business, since the largest creditors will receive shares in return.

More than 230 stations

With the investment, through the Soros Fund Management, of those more than 400 million dollars in Audacy, the Hungarian tycoon will get about 40% of the principal debt of the company, according to The New York Post. Something that, despite not giving him the majority, puts him in a position of strength once the second most powerful company in national radio emerges from bankruptcy. Its disbursement puts more than 235 stations in its hands, including the New York stations WFAN and 1010 WINS, the Los Angeles station KROQ and the Boston stations WEEI, Mix 104.1 and Magic 106.7.

The defense in the media of the postulates of the radical left has always been a priority for Soros. Either by purchasing shares of companies in this sector, or by investing in advertising in them. Last year, without going any further, it used the same method to acquire Vice Media, an operation in which it disbursed about 350 million dollars. It does not always do so directly through its companies or foundations, but rather uses organizations it finances as intermediaries. This is how he managed to acquire almost two dozen local newspapers in Maine and conservative Hispanic radio stations in Florida.

Soros wants to be "the conscience of the world"

A report by Media Researcher Center Business ( MRCB ) warned last year that Soros has the power to "shape public opinion on virtually every continent." The mogul has built connections with 253 global media and activism organizations thanks to his "multimillion-dollar efforts" to fund them, bringing him closer to his self-proclaimed goal of "becoming the conscience of the world." This same report warned of the risk that the influence of Soros and his satellites pose to "freedom and values."

The American public must understand that if they do not wake up and take action, then George Soros, and people like George Soros, will win, and their worldview will be implemented.

These movements have raised numerous suspicions and criticisms, which denounce the influence of the Hungarian magnate in American politics, either through the investments of his companies or media foundations or by financing progressive prosecutors with whom to apply their anti-police and soft-handed policies against crime.