Sam Brinton arrested as a "fugitive from justice"

The former non-binary Department of Energy official is back in the spotlight a month after being convicted of stealing two suitcases.

Former Department of Energy (DOE) non-binary official Sam Brinton is back in the news after authorities re-arrested him as a "fugitive from justice."

He was arrested Wednesday around 10:00 pm at his home in Rockville, Maryland, the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD) told the New York Post. So far, the reason for his arrest has not been made public. "He is being held at the Montgomery County Central Processing Unit on a no-bond status as they await an extradition hearing," authorities said.

Brinton is still surrounded by legal problems. In November 2022, Justice charged him with stealing a suitcase at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on September 16 of the same year. In December, he was again charged with stealing another piece of luggage at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas.

Following these allegations, the DOE took action and decided to fire Brinton. He was released without bail by a Minnesota court and ordered to pay $3,760. He was also given a 180-day suspended jail sentence.