Robert F. Kennedy Jr. unfiltered documentary highlights the migration crisis at the border

With 'Midnight on the Border,' the Democratic presidential hopeful shows the Biden Administration's poor management of the Southern border.

The Democratic Party has a hard time acknowledging that the country suffers a serious crisis on the southern border. They even refuse to talk about it. Although it should be noted that not all its members share the same position: there are internal voices that disagree with the position of the party and the Biden Administration. New York City Councilman, Robert Holden, criticized Joe Biden's lack of an immigration plan and the actions of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Now, Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wanted to denounce in situ what is happening at the border.

One of the Democratic Party's leading contenders for next year's presidential election, has filmed a documentary called Midnight at the Border in which he is seen interacting with several immigrants trying to cross into the United States. People not only from Latin America -with whom he spoke in quite fluent Spanish- but also from Asian countries such as Azerbaijan or African countries such as Senegal. People fleeing misery and violence.

"I was against Trump’s wall. But we do need something"

Several of the immigrants with whom the presidential hopeful has the opportunity to speak, tell him about the dangers they faced during their journey. Examples include sexual assault, encounters with members of Mexican cartels (or other criminal groups), and even death.

In his documentary - presented at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills (California) before a crowd of supporters - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. also filmed several of the holes left in the border fence built by the Trump Administration after the current federal administration decided not to proceed with the work. He also acknowledges having changed his mind about the project launched by Joe Biden's predecessor. "I was against Trump’s wall. I thought it was a crazy idea. But we do need something," he says.

125 border deaths in July

Death is something that is present in all those who travel tens of thousands of miles to the border. They are aware of it. They may lose their lives or someone close to them as a result of the harsh conditions and dangerous situations to which they are exposed during their journey.

Hours after Robert F. Kennedy Jr. presented his documentary, it was learned that 125 people died on the southern border in the month of July alone.