Rob Manfred to step down as MLB commissioner in 2029

The business executive said that after 14 years in the position, the time has come to retire. "There is a limit to how much fun I can have in my life," he said.

Rob Manfred announced that he will step down as commissioner of Major League Baseball (MLB) on January 25, 2029. The American business executive and lawyer assured that after 14 years in the position the time has come to retire.

"You can only have so much fun in one lifetime. I have been open with the owners about the fact that this is going to be my last term," Manfred told reporters during a press conference in Tampa, Florida, picked up by ESPN.

Manfred took on the top job with the baseball league in 2014, so he will have served 14 years in the position when his contract ends. Back in 2018, the owners decided to extend Manfred's contract and, in July, proposed a new term ending in 2029.  Upon accepting, Manfred maintained that he would not be open to a further renewal of the agreement.

"I said it to them before the election in July and I’m absolutely committed to that," Manfred said, according to the Associated Press.