Republican Senator Grassley reveals Burisma has secret audios proving alleged bribery of Joe and Hunter Biden

The Ukrainian company executive reportedly recorded the conversations as an "insurance policy."

In the FBI document implicating Joe Biden in a bribery scheme, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley revealed that there are several recordings of conversations between Joe Biden, his son Hunter and the Burisma executive who paid them.

The Iowa Republican explained that in file FD- 1023, which details the interview the FBI had with a "highly credible" source, it mentions that the executive of the Ukrainian company that allegedly paid several million dollars to Joe and Hunter Biden decided to secretly record and save the conversations he had with the then Vice President and his son as an "insurance policy."

According to the senator's information, there are 17 recordings dating back to 2015, of which 15 are phone calls between the foreign national and Hunter Biden, and the remaining two are with Joe Biden.

Despite this information, Chuck Grassley stressed that Congress still does not possess complete information about what the document says, so he insisted that the document "be made public without unnecessary redactions for the American people to see."

He also questioned whether the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI are doing anything to get to the bottom of this.

"What, if anything, has the Justice Department and FBI done to investigate? The Justice Department and FBI must show their work," Grassley stated, adding that having "two standards of justice" could turn the country "upside down," in reference to the recent 37-count indictment issued by the DOJ against former President Donald Trump for alleged mishandling of classified documents.