Radical Democratic legislators criticize police action amid escalation of university protests against Israel

The Squad members AOC and Jamaal Bowman condemn the "retaliation" against "nonviolent demonstrations" for endangering the lives of students.

New York law enforcement has detained and arrested more than 100 protesters  who were protesting against Israel near the home of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and despite the marches with flares towards the Big Apple Police headquarters last Monday, radical left congressmen such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and Jamaal Bowman even condemned the police action, warning that it is endangering the lives of the participants in "nonviolent demonstrations" because of a "heinous failure of leadership."

Flares towards NYPD headquarters

Police reported the arrest of dozens of participants in the protests at Columbia University in recent days, a hundred of them (300, according to Freedom TV ) for participating in a rally near Schumer's home. During the day on Monday, more than 150 protesters were arrested and, in the early morning, hundreds of them gathered with flares and headed towards the New York Police headquarters demanding the release of their arrested colleagues.

Ultimatum to dismantle tent camp in Columbia

On campus, in what the rebel students have called the "liberated zone," clashes also occurred when several agents tried to dismantle the tent camp. The University gave until midnight on April 24 to dismantle it, a deadline that was extended to 8 in the morning while new students tried to gain access to join their classmates. The academic leaders and student representatives held negotiations throughout the night. House Speaker Mike Johnson announced that he will meet with Jewish students to learn first-hand about their situation.

Shortly before the second deadline, authorities announced an agreement to begin 'dismantling and removing a significant number of tents' starting Wednesday morning. They also extended the deadline by an additional 48 hours to continue negotiations. According to CNN, the university highlighted that the students "have taken steps to make the camp welcoming to all and have banned discriminatory or harassing language." In addition, the students have agreed to comply with the security requirements of the police, who remain around the facilities and "they will ensure that those not affiliated with Columbia will leave."

The Squad supports the protesters

University authorities have announced that classes will resume in a hybrid model for the remainder of the semester due to the situation. However, radical members of The Squad perceive it differently, viewing 'anti-war' students as victims of "repression."
In addition to AOC, her colleagues Bowman, Cori Bush and Rashida Tlaib charged against the agents and those calling for greater force against the protesters. Bush accused "agitators" of infiltrating the protesters to discredit and weaken the message.