Prosecutors reveal new details about Super Bowl parade shooting in Kansas and confirm two new murder indictments

Dominic Miller and Lyndell Mays were charged with initiating the shooting and causing the death of Lisa López-Galván. They join two accused minors whose identities have not yet been revealed.

Jackson County prosecutors revealed new details about the shooting in Kansas City at the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade.

First, prosecutors confirmed that Dominic Miller, 18, and Lyndell Mays, 22, face second-degree murder charges and two counts of armed criminal action and unlawful use of a weapon for the shooting in which one person was killed and 22 others were injured.

Both are under arrest with bail of one million dollars.

In addition to confirming the allegations, prosecutors also revealed new details about how the shooting occurred.

“The defendants attended a Super Bowl parade and rally on Feb. 14, 2024, and were armed with firearms,” the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office said. “A verbal altercation occurred and gunfire broke out with no regard for thousands of other individuals in the area.”

According to prosecutors, Miller and Mays did not know each other or have any connection before meeting at the victory parade on Valentine's Day.

However, the two strangers got into a heated argument that quickly escalated to the point of threatening each other and then pulling out weapons along with the people accompanying them.

Mays, according to prosecutors, drew his gun first, and “almost immediately” several others, including Miller, drew theirs.

The bullet that killed Lisa López-Galván, a mother of two, came from Miller's gun, the Prosecutor's Office reported.

In addition to Galván, 12 children were injured in the shooting. One of them survived by a “miracle” after a bullet was centimeters away from piercing his lungs, the family reported.

Miller and Mays thus became defendants three and four for the shooting.

The new accusations come after two other teenagers were charged by the Prosecutor's Office as minors, a fact that could change in the coming weeks, as prosecutors are seeking to charge the defendants as adults.

For now, the identities of the first two accused are unknown, a fact that has sparked criticism on social networks and the media.