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Kansas City: Two minors arrested in connection with Chiefs parade shooting

Both individuals are in custody at a county juvenile detention center and are expected to receive new charges as the investigation progresses.

Tiroteo durante la celebración de los Kansas City Chiefs.

(Andrew Caballero -Reynolds / AFP)

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The Kansas City Police Department arrested two minors in connection with the shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs' victory parade. They were handed over to the court in charge of the case, which announced the charges in a statement this Friday.

According to the court's statement, which Fox News accessed, both minors are in custody in a juvenile detention center. They are facing charges related to weapons and resisting arrest.

According to the court statement, more charges may be filed against these two individuals as the KCPD's investigation progresses. Authorities maintain their initial hypothesis from Thursday, in which they rule out that the motive for the attack was related to terrorism.

Authorities also previously noted that despite initial reports speculating that gunfire had occurred in multiple locations, investigators have since ruled this out as well. They believe the shooting occurred "primarily on the west side of Union Station," according to Fox News.

One dead and more than 22 injured at the Kansas City Chiefs victory parade

The events occurred Wednesday during the Super Bowl LVIII victory parade in Kansas City, Mo. Near the team's parade, several gunshots were reported. The panic caused a small stampede that left some injured. In total, 22 injuries were reported in addition to one death. The deceased was Lisa López-Galván, mother of two children and citizen of Johnson County. She was a well-known person in the community and renowned for her love of music.