Newsom's new laws accelerate California's woke drift

Some of the legislation in the Golden State in 2022 has to do with eco-alarmism, support for prostitution, gun control, sex changes for children, abortions and surveillance of doctors.

In 2022, California made headlines, and not particularly for the best reasons. Some experts attribute the crisis suffered by one of the most powerful states in the country to the policies implemented by the "woke democrats":

They govern by impoverishing the population with increases in taxes, basic services, housing, with hypersexualized education in public schools for children, promotion of abortion and gender ideology." In addition to contributing to the increase in drug addiction, homelessness and crime.

In The Washington Free Beacon, they point out that "Democratic majorities in the legislature and progressive city councils" took it upon themselves to pass a series of laws that have made the situation much worse.

Eco-alarmism, prostitution and arms embargoes

- Climate Crisis Act: the state legislature approved a plan - which will cost $4 billion - to reduce carbon emissions by at least 85% by 2045. Experts say the law will "add 50,000 to the costs of each new home and jeopardize hundreds of thousands of jobs." In addition, it could increase the number of companies leaving the state. California will also ban the sale of gasoline-powered cars starting in 2035.

- "Safer streets for all": pimps can now operate openly after lawmakers passed a bill decriminalizing street prostitution in the name of fairness, claiming police were using it to target minorities and transgender people. Victims of sex trafficking opposed the rule, as the anti-prostitution policy helped police find exploited minors.

- Gun Rewards: Governor Gavin Newsom was one of the prime movers behind this law that encourages Californians to report other state residents who buy, sell, loan or transfer assault weapons. The state would cover the legal fees of any resident who initiates a lawsuit and pay them at least $10,000 in additional compensation. A federal judge blocked parts of the law, setting up a possible Supreme Court case for 2023.

Transgender, abortions and physician monitoring

- Medical care for transgender people: the legislature approved a law that gives power to the courts to take temporary jurisdiction over children who come to the state from other parts of the country in search of gender transition treatments, even without parental consent. Now, a bill - not yet passed - will mandate employees of private health insurance companies to undergo training to ensure they are proficient in transgender language.

- "Abortion Galore": lawmakers established a $20 million "Practical Abortion Support" fund - funded by taxpayers - to cover the costs of out-of-state women heading to California to undergo the procedure. In addition, a bill by state Sen. Anna Caballero (D) required the state to establish a "California abortion finder" website.

- Policing Physicians: Newsom signed into law Congressman Evan Low's (D) bill, which gives the Medical Board of California the power to disqualify physicians who disseminate what the state considers "misinformation" in medicine. The project is designed to prevent physicians from disseminating what the state deems "Fake News" related to covid-19. Lawsuits to block the law are still ongoing.