Newsom uses Maine shooting to promote his gun amendment

The California governor posted criticism of Maine's gun legislation on social media and once again called for stricter firearm regulations.

Gavin Newson used the Maine shooting to promote his proposal for a new constitutional amendment that limits the use of guns. In a post on X, the governor of California criticized Republicans in Maine for rejecting a bill that would have imposed a waiting period to be able to purchase a firearm.

Newsom calls for assault weapons ban again

Newsom again insisted on the need to establish new regulations on guns, despite the Second Amendment. Specifically, the governor elaborated on the need to set a period of 72 hours between the request to purchase a weapon and its delivery, a complete ban on assault weapons, as well as requiring permission to carry guns in public and background checks for all people who try to buy one.

In addition, Newsom urged lawmakers to take action quickly, recalling his initiative to approve the 28th Amendment to control firearms last June. "We need immediate action. We cannot sit and wait for Congress . We need to amend the Constitution to help prevent tragedies like this," the post noted.

Criticisms of the Second Amendment

Newsom's attacks on the Second Amendment, as well as his proposal for constitutional reform after a massacre committed by a shooter, come as no surprise from the governor of The Golden State. In an interview in January, after two shootings precisely in California, Newsom went so far as to say that "the Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact."