Newly elected Democratic representatives in favor of abolishing prisons

"Give us the investments we need and deserve, redistribute wealth, end police violence, abolish the carceral state, commit to building Black directed political power... and reparations."

New Democrats in the House of Representatives are in favor of abolishing prisons. However, they will almost surely be unable to do so due to the fact that the House will be in the hands of the Republican Party beginning next term.

Although the margin remains quite narrow between the two parties, this won't stop Democrats from trying to impose far-left policies. The abolition of prisons and the redistribution of wealth are a few examples of the items on the leftist agenda.

Washington Rep.-elect Summer Lee had the following to say on Twitter:

Maxwell Frost, the youngest member of the House at just 25 years of age also expressed his support in a tweet for this type of policies with public requests for "prison- [and] police-free society." However, his post is no longer visible on the social network.

It is unknown whether both representatives will seek to impose these leftist ideas they campaigned for. Regardless, it will be very difficult for them to do so as of next year because the Republican Party has regained control of the House.

The GOP regained control of the House after four years of Democratic majority, which will likely help slow down some of the legislation proposed by the left and Joe Biden's administration.

Meanwhile, one thing that both Democrats and some Republican members of Congress did agree on recently was to pass the law to protect same-sex marriage, which has already advanced with 258 votes in favor and 169 against. Thirty-nine of the votes for were from Republicans.

In the Senate last week, the bill had already passed with 61 votes, 12 of them Republican, which allowed quorum to be met.