New York issues emergency declaration in response to immigration crisis

Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul joins places like Chicago in announcing that she will mobilize 500 National Guard members to assist with the massive influx of immigrants.

New York joins other states and issues an emergency declaration
emergency declaration
in the face of the immigration crisis. Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul announced this measure in light of the massive influx of immigrants. Last year New York welcomed more than 50,000 immigrants who came to this city in search of a place to live. At that time Title 42 had no expiration date and yet the numbers were higher than expected. With the fall of this measure, the state fears that it will not be able to cope with the massive influx of immigrants. For that reason, Hochul issued the following executive order on Tuesday:

Executive Order declaring State Emergency on New York by VozMedia on Scribd

Through it, the state will be given a "greater flexibility"so that they can divert resources to localities that may receive a greater influx of migrants. "With Title 42 set to expire, circumstances on the ground are expected to change significantly and this executive order will be an important part of our coordinated response. I have spoken with Mayor Adams and New York County executives to address this situation," Hochul said in his statement.

These cities and towns will have a greater presence of authorities to provide "logistical and operational support". First, New York City will have an additional 500 National Guard members to bolster its security.

The emergency declaration also allows the state to increase the state budget available to New York City. This will see an increase of $1 billion by fiscal year 2024. According to the governor's office, this figure will be broken down as follows: 741 millionwill go to cover the cost of the cost of shelters; 162 million will be used for subsidize the uninterrupted presence of the National Guard; $137 million will be used for financing of medical care through NYC Care; 26 million in public assistance; $25 million for voluntarily relocate families to permanent housing; $10 million for legally assist through the Office of New Americans and $5 million to expand support through the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance.

New York joins other states and localities in the nation that have taken similar measures. Chicago also approved a declaration of emergency and Texan cities such as El Paso, Brownsville and Laredo also declared a state of emergency due to the avalanche of immigrants they are receiving.