New laws in Idaho recognize only biological sexes and prohibit schools from being required to use trans people's preferred pronouns

Since Brad Little became governor in 2019, he has signed at least half a dozen laws countering woke policies targeting transgender people.

The state of Idaho strengthened its anti-woke stance by enacting policies aimed at protecting biological truth and safeguarding women's rights. This week, Governor Brad Little signed two bills reinforcing these fundamental principles.

The first legislation enacted was House Bill 538, which prohibits requiring school staff and students to use pronouns or names preferred by transgender people.

The second bill was HB421, which redefines gender as synonymous with sex and clearly establishes that there are only two sexes, which are determined solely by biological criteria. "In human beings, there are two, and only two, sexes: male and female. In no case is an individual's sex determined by stipulation or self-identification," the legislation states.

Both laws will go into effect on July 1, joining at least half a dozen laws that counter woke policies aimed at transgender people.

Since Brad Little was elected governor in 2019, Idaho was the first state in the country to enact legislation protecting women's sports by banning transgender athletes from participating in them.

The Republican governor also signed a bill that prevents transgender people from changing their birth certificates to match their "gender identities" and blocked the use of public funds for trans procedures. Likewise, Little signed a bill to ban transgender students from using bathrooms that don't match the gender they were born with at public schools.

Although this type of legislation has not been without controversy, several groups and personalities have praised Idaho's efforts to protect biological truth and freedom of expression.

Riley Gaines, a former NCAA swimmer, expressed gratitude to Governor Little for his advocacy for women. Meanwhile, Independent Women's Voice celebrated Idaho's HB 421 as a step toward preserving single-sex spaces while ensuring privacy and safety.

Doreen Denny, senior advisor for Concerned Women for America, also praised Idaho's stance against gender activism and highlighted the need to protect schools, sports and citizens from a radical gender agenda.