Netanyahu calls for more support from Biden: "Since our last conversation, the scale of this evil has only grown"

"Hamas is worse than ISIS and they should be treated that way," the Israeli prime minister said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reported that he had another telephone conversation with Joe Biden about the war against Hamas and shared several details through social media.

This Tuesday, Netanyahu explained that he spoke with Biden for a third time and that he felt "fully" supported by him. "President Biden reiterated that the United States stands with Israel and fully supports its right to defend itself. I thanked the president of the United States for his unconditional support and made it clear that a long and powerful campaign in which Israel wins would be necessary," he commented.

In the statement issued through X, the prime minister opined that Hamas is even more dangerous than ISIS, and consequently suggested that the actions to be taken should reflect this seriousness.

“On Saturday we were attacked with such barbarity that had not been seen since the Holocaust. Hundreds of people were massacred, entire families were murdered in their beds and homes, women were brutally raped and murdered; more than a hundred were kidnapped, including children,” he said, highlighting that since the last conversation, he had with the president, violence by Hamas has escalated.

“Since our last conversation, the scale of this evil has only grown. They forced dozens of children, burned them and executed them. They cut off the heads of the soldiers, murdered the young people who were celebrating a party in nature, surrounded them with jeeps and shot them in a hole in the ground and confessed to the murder. We have not seen such barbarity in the entire history of the State of Israel,” he insisted to President Biden.

Netanyahu talks about entering Gaza

According to the Axios report, Israeli and American sources aware of the calls between Netanyahu and Biden stated that the Israeli prime minister spoke with the American president about the importance of entering Gaza after a number of hostages were taken by Hamas.

“We have to go in. We can't negotiate now,” Netanyahu told Biden, according to the outlet.