Judge Cannon again rejected Trump's request to dismiss some charges in the classified documents case

In this case, the former president's legal team attempted to dismiss more than a dozen accusations.

Judge Aileen Cannon again rejected a request from Donald Trump's legal team to dismiss some of the 41 charges brought in the classified documents case. Cannon, who has faced similar requests in the past, refused in late May to impose a gag order against the former president.

On this occasion, the Republican's lawyers have attempted to challenge false statements and obstruction charges.

"The identified deficiencies, even if generating some arguable confusion, are either permitted by law, raise evidentiary challenges not appropriate for disposition at this juncture, and/or do not require dismissal even if technically deficient, so long as the jury is instructed appropriately and presented with adequate verdict forms as to each Defendants' alleged conduct," the judge said on Monday afternoon.

As for the case overall, Trump is being prosecuted under the Espionage Act, which prohibits the intentional withholding of classified national defense information. In turn, he is accused of obstruction of justice for trying to hide the records from the authorities after they demanded their return.

This is not the first time Cannon has dismissed a similar request from the Republican's lawyers. In April of this year, in response to his request, she ruled that the Presidential Records Act (PRA) did not cover the former president's actions.

The Presidential Records Act does not provide a pretrial basis for dismissing the case,” she wrote in a three-page ruling, adding that, given the facts presented to her, the aforementioned legislation did not apply.