Former Virginia election supervisor charged with corruption in 2020 election

The state attorney general charges him with corrupt conduct of an official and false statement.

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares indicted former Prince William County Supervisor of Elections Michele White for acting corruptly during the months leading up to and following the 2020 election.

Prince William is one of the most influential counties in Virginia. White was electoral supervisor in this territory from 2015 until 2021, when she resigned from her position without giving any reason.

This Wednesday, Attorney General Miyares announced the indictment of Michele White for the felonies of corrupt conduct as an official and false testimony. In addition, she was charged with a misdemeanor for willful neglect of duty by a public servant.


Miyares noted that White committed the crimes between August and December 2020, key election months. Despite the indictment, Miyares did not clarify what type of activities carried out by White correspond to each of these crimes.

The investigation and subsequent indictment arose after the new director of the Elections Office, Eric Olsen, reported to the Commissioner of Elections and the State Board of Elections "discrepancies" regarding the proper conduct of the election:

Many improvements and best practices have been adopted to ensure a safe and transparent voting experience for the voters of Prince William County.

For its part, the former head of the Elections Office stated that White's conduct "did not impact the outcome of any election contest."