Eric Adams no longer wants New York to be a sanctuary city: He proposes changing the law to facilitate deportation

The mayor's proposal comes in response to a wave of crimes perpetrated by illegal immigrants.

At a recent public meeting, New York Mayor Eric Adams raised the need to consider modifications to the sanctuary city law after a wave of crimes perpetrated by illegal immigrants.

The proposal suggests that, in specific cases where immigrants are involved in the commission of serious crimes, collaboration and reporting by local authorities to the Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) be allowed, thus facilitating the deportation process.

Adams' speech is part of the new position that the mayor has been assuming due to the crisis that the city is experiencing after the arrival of more than 120,000 immigrants.

The mayor has been requesting help from the federal government for months to face the costs of maintaining individuals in an irregular situation. Given the lack of response, Adams has been forced to implement new restrictions to stop the transfer of immigrants on buses from Texas to the sanctuary city and is now also evaluating the possibility of implementing additional measures that allow the deportation process, at least for those undocumented immigrants who commit crimes in the city.

Record of attacks on police officers due to the arrival of illegal immigrants

The massive arrival of immigrants with criminal records, along with other progressive policies, has caused a significant increase in attacks on police officers in the Big Apple during 2023.

According to a report by The New York Post, 5,363 officers were injured in the line of duty, setting a record for the city. In response, the Fraternal Order of Police has urged the repeal of sanctuary city laws that limit collaboration with ICE.

"We have to repeal sanctuary city laws that do not allow agencies to contact ICE when illegals are arrested (...) we need rogue DAs to do their job," requested the Fraternal Order of Police.