Congressman Carlos Gimenez: "Biden does not have the capability to be president of the United States."

We spoke with the representative about the reasons why Democrats are losing votes even among communities like Hispanics.

President Joe Biden is heading into this election year with an all-time low approval record rating with 58% of Americans disapproving of his work, not to mention the fact that he is losing votes even among communities that have been loyal to the Democratic Party for decades such as African Americans, Hispanics, and young people. We spoke about this with Florida Representative Carlos Gimenez.

The Republican stated that the president is losing votes even within traditionally Democratic communities because "he is not doing a good job as president of the United States." Gimenez suggests Americans compare what President Biden says he will do in his speeches with what he  actually does. He pointed out that the Biden promises a lot but that "the results are the opposite."

Gimenez also warns that the current administration is even putting the country's security at risk. "His first duty is to protect our country and our way of life and he is not doing that," the representative said, adding that Biden has done things that are not for the benefit of the United States and may even be for the benefit of Russia, China, Iran and, in general, the United States’ enemies.

The Republican concluded that Biden’s record low approval ratings and the loss of votes even in communities as important as the Hispanic one, is the result of his poor management and that it is not possible to "deceive all the people always.”

"Americans are waking up to the fact that Biden does not have the capabiliity to be the president of the United States and he is also making mistakes that seem to be done on purpose, because the things that this president is doing do not make any common sense."