Cinemas record their worst grossing weekend so far this year

The domestic box office only managed to gross 48.9 million dollars. 'The Nun II' was the most watched film but only earned $8.4 million.

The "Barbenheimer" phenomenon has passed and the nation's cinemas have begun to take notice. In fact, the box office recorded the worst weekend for receipts so far this year, managing to bring in only $48.9 million. It is the second weekend in which a drop in attendence figures is noticeable. The previous one, as reported by Deadline, was recorded at 52 million dollars.

Like last week, the most viewed film was "The Nun II." The horror feature film managed to pull in just 8.4 million dollars, according to data from the specialized website Box Office Mojo. A figure much lower than what was recorded during previous weekends. During the first days of release, "The Nun II" raised a total of $32,603,336. Seven days later, the figure was reduced and only reached $14,534,579.

'The Expendables 4' and 'A Hunting in Venice' crash into theaters

Another film that was expected to save the box office these days was "The Expendables 4." However, the film starring Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone only raised $8.3 million this weekend, becoming the installment that has managed to raise the least in the popular saga. Its release, however, was expected to gross about $15 million. Something that ultimately has not happened due, mainly, to its bad reviews. This is how the director of film consulting firm Franchise Entertainment Research Critics, David A. Gross, explained it to Variety:

The last two ‘Expendables’ have dropped sharply from the previous episodes, and the weekend figure is below average for the genre. Reviews are poor and audience ratings are dull.

"A Hunting in Venice," Walt Disney Studios' bet, hasn't fared much better. The film based on Agatha Christie's novel, "Hallowe'en Party," only earned $6.3 million this weekend. The new installment about Hercule Poirot fared better during its premiere. During the weekend of September 15, it managed to rake in just over $14.2 million.