California library expels former athlete for misgendering trans athletes

Sophia Lorey asserted that girls could not have the same dreams as she did by having to compete with transgender people.

A library in Davis, California, expelled a former athlete for confusing the gender of trans athletes. College soccer player Sophia Lorey went to the public space to give a talk as part of the event "Forum On Fair and Safe Sport For Girls." There, the athlete assured that girls could not have the same dreams she had at her age. At least, "as long as men are allowed to compete in women's sports."

That statement, the Washington Examiner explains, prompted a library staff member to interrupt Lorey and ask her to leave the facility. She refused and continued her talk. Lorey claimed that what was really going on with the trans athletes controversy was that "biological men" were competing with "biological girls," as seen on social media showing how Sophia Lorey was ejected from the library:

The video soon went viral and caught the attention of swimmer Riley Gaines. The athlete decided to come out in defense of her teammate and assured on X (formerly Twitter), that the situation is the latest example of how it is men, and not women who try to silence these allegations about transgender athletes:

This young girl joins the long list of female athletes silenced for opposing unfair competition and giving up consent in areas of undressing where males are present. Notice these were men trying to silence her and not women. Unfortunately, this isn’t surprising anymore. The silent majority is needed more than ever to restore sanity.