Biden campaign's TikTok account reaches 67,000 followers in one day

The figure significantly trails behind other platforms like Facebook and X, which boast 11 million and 295,000 followers, respectively.

The account opened by the Biden campaign on TikTok this Sunday reached 67,000 followers in less than 24 hours. The figure is still a far cry from other profiles such as Facebook or X, which have 11 million and 295,000 followers respectively.

With four videos uploaded since the profile became active, Biden's account is characterized by making comical videos, very much in the style of the social network in which they appear. In this way, the video in which Biden answered questions from the Super Bowl was followed by another in which the president mocks Trump for having annulled the case "Roe vs. Wade," a following in which the Democratic candidate makes fun of his own age and a last in which he comments on the former president's latest statements that Russia should persecute "delinquent" NATO countries.

Democratic and Republican congressmen worried about Biden using TikTok

However, despite its humorous use, the Biden campaign opening up to TikTok has generated controversy among both Democratic and Republican legislators who consider that the social network continues to be a "threat to national security."

An example of this is Democratic Senator Mark Warner. The president of the Senate Intelligence Committee assured, in statements reported by Reuters, that he remained concerned about the problems presented by the platform: "I think that we still need to find a way to follow India, which has prohibited TikTok. I'm a little worried about a mixed message."

Republican legislators Darrell Issa and Josh Hawley are of the same opinion. They went to their X profiles to show their disagreement with the current president of the United States using TikTok to attract followers:

For his part, White House spokesman John Kirby, assured that "nothing's changed about the national security concerns, from the (National Security Council) perspective, about the use of TikTok on government devices. That policy is still in place," he declared, making it clear that the veto of the application in federal devices continued.