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Supreme Court rules in favor of Trump administration's international investment tax

A married couple, Charles and Kathleen Moore, challenged the rule after finding that they owed $15,000.


Surprising Fox News poll puts Biden ahead of Trump by the slimmest of margins

According to the poll, the president has a two-point lead over the Republican leader for the first time since October 2023.


Trump vows to cut federal funding to schools that promote Critical Race Theory and "trans insanity"

The former president said that, if he wins the presidential election, he will sign an executive order on the first day of his term to address the issue.


Fear among Biden's top advisors: some believe the president has no "serious" strategy to beat Trump

Several high-level Democratic strategists believe that the team close to the president is not sizing up the unfavorable outlook ahead of the elections.


Trump achieved the largest fundraising outside the United States: He received $3 million in London for his campaign

Australian actress Holly Valance hosted the outstanding gala in the United Kingdom.