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Ecuador suspends visa agreement with China in view of significant increase in immigrants from the Asian giant

La medida se produce en medio de una creciente llegada de migrantes ilegales chinos a Estados Unidos.


Biden celebrates DACA anniversary with new benefits for illegal immigrants

Several White House officials point out that the president is preparing protections for undocumented people married to US citizens and aid for 'DREAMers'.


Illegal immigrants overwhelm Boston's Logan Airport

The undocumented immigrants are taken to welcome points in the city, but return to the terminal at night.


Kuwait: At least 49 dead in fire in residential building for immigrants

The victims died of asphyxiation from the smoke. The reasons for the accident are unknown.


Immigrants lead the number of jobs added to the economy since 2019

A report from the Center for Immigration Studies revealed that since Joe Biden took office as president, 3.2 million foreign-born workers and only 971,000 Native American citizens have been hired.