Ahead of us lies "the reconquest of freedom": Mario Noya talks to Hermann Tertsch

The Member of the European Parliament of the Spanish conservative party Vox spoke with the director of voz.us about the challenges facing the defenders of liberal democracy on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Conservative Action Political Conference (CPAC) held in Mexico on November 18-19 was attended by hundreds of conservative leaders and thousands of organizations and activists for freedom and democracy.

The conference was sponsored by Voz Media, the world's most influential conservative event brought together more than 70 exhibitors from 20 countries in Mexico City. One of the headline speakers was the MEP Hernman Tertsch, from the Spanish conservative party Vox, who along with Voz Media’s Editor-in-Chief Mario Noya, analyzed the current panorama with a good dose of self-criticism towards the conservative world and a hopeful perspective on making up for lost ground:

The conservative forces have fallen asleep (...) but we are now beginning the reconquest.

Here you can watch the complete conversation:

Hernman Tertsch spoke of the great challenges facing the Americas, where there are authoritarian drifts such as those that swept Cuba and Venezuela. He also spoke about the problems facing Europe, which seems to have forgotten the dangers of communism. In this Twitter thread we have summarized Tertsch’s main points from his conversation with Voz Media: