Warnock defeats Walker in Georgia, secures Democratic majority in Senate

The Democratic candidate won by a razor-thin margin in the new election.

Raphael Warnock will keep his seat as a Georgia senator for six more years after defeating Herschel Walker in the midterm runoff election by less than three points (51.4% to 48.6% with 99% of the votes counted). The Democratic Party candidate had slightly less than 100,000 more votes than his rival. Warnock thanked voters in Georgia for their confidence in him with a simple message on his Twitter account, "Thank you, Georgia. We did it again," he said.

Congratulations from Joe Biden

Both candidates went to a runoff election after failing to get the minimum 50.01% required by state law on November 8. After being informed about the final result, Warnock promised to continue working for the state and for people in Georgia:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and to God be the glory. The work that we must do is difficult. The issues are not simple; they are complex. But here is my promise to you: I will walk with you even as I work for you. I am going to keep working with you.

Joe Biden congratulated the candidate after winning in the runoff and managing to keep his seat as senator:

Warnock's victory does not influence the final results of November 8, when the Democratic Party managed to maintain its majority in the Senate. That said, this result gives the Democrats control of the committees, and they will be able to execute bills more easily.

With this last result, the difference between the two parties in the Senate is very narrow. There are 51 Democratic senators and 49 Republicans.