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Georgia runoff election campaign kicks off in senatorial race

Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock failed to surpass the 50% vote required by state law to fill the Senate seat.

Walker y Warnock

(Cordon Press)

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Georgia will decide the future of the Senate. Candidates Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock, of the Republican and Democratic Party respectively, failed to obtain the 50% of the vote required by state law to fill the senate seat and, for this reason, Georgians will have to go to the polls again on December 6.

The difference in votes between the two was negligible. Although Warnock finished ahead of Walker, the gap between the two was less than one point. The Republican candidate received the support of the greater number of Georgia counties, however, the most populous counties went for Warnock. They are now beginning their electoral campaigns for the senatorial seat.

Walker raised $3.3 million on the first day of his runoff election campaign. This Thursday, the Republican candidate held a massive rally accompanied by Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the city of Canton -Cherokee County- where he obtained 67.56% of the votes.

For his part, Warnock was optimistic about the second round after learning the final result of the midterms:

Here's where we are: We are not sure if this journey is over tonight, or if there's still a little work yet to do. But here's what we do know: We know that when they're finished counting the votes from today's election that we're going to have received more votes than my opponent.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee reported that it would spend $7 million for Warnock's campaign:

We are investing $7 million to kickstart field organizing efforts for the Georgia Senate runoff. Talking directly to voters with a strong, well-funded ground game is critical to winning this race.