Voz Media goes to the border to witness firsthand illegal immigration drama

Despite recent orders from the Department of Homeland Security, apprehensions by the Yuma Sector continue to soar.  

Since the Biden Administration has taken office, almost 5 million apprehensions have occurred along the southwestern border. During the 2022 fiscal year alone, Yuma, Arizona, saw over a 208% increase in apprehensions compared to the previous year.

In just three hours on the morning of Monday, Oct. 17, an estimated 400 illegal migrants were intercepted at the border. They were processed and transported by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Agents.

One family unit with three young children stated that they traveled for almost two weeks from Peru. According to the family, they paid $2,000 per family member to the human smugglers they referred to as 'travel agents.' Adults in the family unit cited economic struggles and the violent gangs pouring into Peru from Colombia as the reasons for their attempt to enter the U.S illegally. The couple explained that the gangs from Colombia hold individuals hostage and kill those who cannot pay the ransom. The mother and father also stated that they hope to receive health care for their special needs toddler. 

When asked to describe what the journey to the U.S. was like, the mother began crying. She stated that crossing through Mexico was very difficult, and she would not have brought the children if she had to take the treacherous journey again. When asked if she would recommend the trip illegally into the United States, she quickly responded “no” as she wiped her tears from her cheek. Financial hardships alone are not traditionally recognized as a qualifying reason for asylum. 

Further down the line, another woman spoke to us, stating that her family fled Peru due to targeted criminal violence. With bloodshot red, teary eyes, she held up a newspaper with a mug shot of a man with a bold headline that translates, “Jewelry thief is arrested for a robbery spree in his lodging house with drugs, alcohol, and women; accused of robbing $50,000 in jewelry.” 

(Sheena Rodriguez)

The woman explained that her family owned a jewelry store chain in Peru

The adult family members continued explaining that the woman’s younger brother, and primary operator of the family business, was killed by the criminal posted in the newspaper article she held in her hand. According to the family, the thief was arrested and then quickly released, putting the victimized family in imminent danger, which is why the family decided to illegally cross into the U.S. seeking asylum. 

While interviewing the victimized family from Peru, another large group emerged from around the wall and joined the line of those waiting to be processed by overwhelmed CBP agents. Three men quickly attempted to blend into the front of the line. According to the men, they were originally from Ecuador and stated they intended to go to New York. When asked about the meaning of their faded tattoos, across their arms, hands, and fingers, only one responded, claiming the “M” was representative of his mother. 

The interviewed individuals cited the following countries of origin: Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Russia, India, and Peru, most citing economic reasons for the illegal migration

Border Patrol agents stated that although a recent announcement from the Department of Homeland Security orders the immediate return of Venezuelan migrants crossing illegally into the U.S. will be immediately deported, the number of nightly apprehensions in the Yuma Sector remains unsustainably high and record breaking