Unstoppable: the Minnesota Supreme Court rules out that the 14th Amendment disqualifies Trump's candidacy in the primaries

The High Court points out that the primaries are an internal matter of the Republican Party. Trump continues to increase his lead against his rivals in the GOP and Biden heading into 2024.

"Can you control your client?" The question of Judge Arthur Engoron to Donald Trump's lawyers, was referring to the actions of former president during his appearance in the fraud trial being held against him in New York, but it can be extrapolated to his candidacy to represent the Republican Party in the 2024 presidential elections. The answer, both in NY and in the rest of the states, seems clear: "NO." Each appearance of the tycoon before Justice, each new charge, each gag order, far from weakening him, are triggering Trump's popularity, which sweeps the Republican primary polls and continues to open a gap with Joe Biden. Justice, the only tool that seemed capable of stopping him, is not succeeding either. The latest example: the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled out that the 14th Amendment prevents Trump from continuing his race to the White House due to what happened on January 6.

Trump celebrates the ruling

The president of the High Court of Minnesota, Natalie E. Hudson, explained in a brief order that they are dismissing the case because the March 5 primary in this state is "an internal party election to serve the internal purposes of the party," but does not determine who will ultimately appear on the ballots in the November 2024 elections. Additionally, the judge stressed that "there is no state statute that prohibits a major political party from including on the primary ballot for the presidential nomination, or sending delegates to the national convention endorsing, a candidate who is ineligible to serve in office." The brief leaves open the door for the plaintiffs to repeat the complaint if Trump were the definitive conservative nominee.

As soon as the ruling was known, Trump celebrated it with a publication in Truth Social. "Ridiculous 14th Amendment lawsuit just thrown out by the Minnesota Supreme Court. 'Without Merit, Unconstitutional.' Congratulations to all who fought this hoax!"

Boost for the candidacy of the former president

This ruling is a cold shower for those who had the judicial processes to overthrow the former president in his attempt to recover the Oval Office. Until now, each appearance of Trump in court has only served to increase his advantage - in fact, he began to seriously distance himself from Ron DeSantis after his first indictment - with respect to his Republican competitors and even to open a gap with Biden in a hypothetical reissue of the 2020 elections. According to the latest polls, the magnate leads his party colleagues by up to 41 points and the current president by up to 4, with some polls even giving him more than half of the votes. Even the leading progressive media such as The Washington Post, The New York Times and CNN predict a painful Democratic defeat in 2024 and are looking for replacements for the leader of the Executive.

Trump wins without appearing in the GOP debates

Nor is his absence in the three official debates between the GOP candidates penalizing him so far. On the contrary, his absence has only served to enlarge his figure and leave his rivals fighting among themselves and against his ghost, always being considered the true winner of these matches in viewers minds.