Two police officers and a paramedic shot to death while responding to an emergency call in Minnesota

At least one other officer was injured at a home where there had been a shooting between family members.

Two police officers and a paramedic (although other sources indicate that it was a firefighter) lost their lives after being shot when they responded to an emergency call in Burnsville. According to the St. Paul Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, emergency crews were dispatched to a shooting at a home.

It was also learned that the shooter committed suicide, according to NBC. He has since been identified as Shannon Cortez Gooden.

The state's governor, Tim Walz, confirmed what he described as "horrible news from Burnsville," indicating that, in addition to the three emergency responders who were killed, at least one other was injured. After speaking out about the incident and the crucial role that first responders have, he announced that flags throughout the state will fly at half-mast. 

(This is a developing news story)