The Soros family joins forces with 'Abolition School' to fight against police and prisons

Groups financed by Soros and his son have partnered with an organization that aims to train "revolutionaries and abolitionists" to achieve political change through radical methods.

The Soros family has upped the ante in its fight against police and the established judicial and penitentiary system. Through their partnerships, George Soros and his son Alex have pumped millions of dollars into organizations like the Community Resource Hub for Safety and Accountability (CRH), whose stated goal is to eradicate the institutions of law and order. In addition, these associations have begun to collaborate and establish partnerships with movements such as the W.E.B Du Bois Movement School for Abolition & Reconstruction, which promote workshops with Atlanta Antifa activists, study guerrilla tactics and call for "eradicating" police and prisons.

Meeting place for radical left-wing activists

CHR, which is associated with radical left-wing movements such as BLM, Anti Police-Terror Project, Black & Pink and No Cop Academy, have partnered with the Soros empire due to their mutual desire to abolish the police and prison system. Since last May, the W.E.B Du Bois Movement School for Abolition & Reconstruction has burst on the scene, holding workshops in August so that members of these and other far-left organizations, such as Antifa, can join forces and share ideas and proposals for action to achieve their objectives.

Over the course of three days in late August, some 60 current and future organizers across the city and as far afield as Atlanta and North Carolina joined us to break bread, connect to one another, and begin to understand the world differently together. We walked away with our heads buzzing and our hearts full, better prepared to confront the urgent tasks of tomorrow—and to do so together.

"We fight to learn & we learn to fight!"

In these workshops, attendees studied education techniques of the Guinean guerrillas and shared experiences with, among others, members of Antifa of Atlanta who participated in the attacks against the creation of a police training facility in the city. In its Instagram posts, the organization points out that they "fight to learn" and "learn to fight."

Image of the summer school organized by the School of Abolitionism.

"Affected by oppressive structures, policing and poverty"

According to its website, the self-proclaimed Abolition School aims to train and teach activists who want to "launch political change":

Our students are aspiring revolutionaries and abolitionists of all ages and backgrounds who want to acquire the analytical tools and practical skills necessary to set political change into motion and sustain it through struggle. But we seek above all to help build the leadership capacity of organic intellectuals, those most directly impacted by oppressive structures—policing, mass incarceration, environmental racism, and poverty—and those closest to the struggles to dismantle them.

Mix of CRT, communism, environmentalism and gender ideology

The Abolition School claims it is a response to an inherited global capitalist system "produced through the overlapping forces of colonial dispossession and genocide, racialized chattel slavery, and violent patriarchal domination, whose extractive brutality toward humanity and nature alike is quickly rendering our planet uninhabitable."

We cannot hope to tear down oppressive, carceral institutions without radically rethinking—and rebuilding—the violently racist and patriarchal capitalist world that called them into being. This is the lesson of 150 years of US history, in which slavery was mostly abolished through the courageous action of enslaved people and abolitionist militants, but after which little else changed. Capitalist exploitation and racist fear conspired to build new institutions to replace the old, from convict leasing to Jim Crow, segregation, hyper-policing and mass incarceration.

Soros gave $4.5 million to organizations to abolish the police

According to Fox News, between 2019 and 2020, Soros paid about $4.5 million to CRH through his Open Society Foundation. According to its website, CRH "works to ensure all people have access to resources and tools to advocate for systems change and accountability in law enforcement." To this end, it offers "studies, reports, data, policy models, tools and other resources for the field" to left-wing groups and supports campaigns with technical assistance needs.

According to a report by this group, "Abolition is a political vision with the goal of eliminating imprisonment, policing, and surveillance and creating lasting alternatives to punishment and imprisonment." CHR claims that "there is evidence to suggest that police do not guarantee community safety from violence and harm, despite the fact that law enforcement is heavily relied on to manage crises and emergencies. And even with police reform efforts, it’s clear that the only way to stop police violence is through police abolition and by creating alternatives to policing."

Soros' district attorneys

In addition to the financing and promotion of these groups, Soros' fight to dismantle the judicial system and the established order has led him to donate money to get activists who share this vision elected as district attorneys. This is the case of Alvin Bragg in Manhattan; Steve Descano in Fairfax, Va.; Diana Becton in Contra Costa County, Calif.; George Gascon in Los Angeles; Kim Foxx in Cook County (Chicago) and Larry Krasner in Philadelphia.

These district attorneys' soft-on-crime policies have led to a remarkable rise in crime in their jurisdictions, and some of them are already in the crosshairs of their fellow citizens and have even been forced out of office.