The 'ex-girlfriend' of the Uvalde murderer is arrested for threatening the victims' families

The young woman assured that the attacks at the school would be repeated, she would place a bomb in the Uvalde hospital and promised to murder the mother of a girl murdered in the massacre if she was elected mayor.

A 19-year-old girl who claims to be the ex-girlfriend of the Uvalde murderer, was arrested in Puerto Rico after repeatedly threatening the families of the victims of the massacre, as well as members and facilities of the community of this Texas city. As reported by the District Attorney, Stephen Muldrow, Victoria Gabriela Rodríguez-Morales, is accused of 13 counts of interstate threats through social networks and emails using aliases such as "SchoolShooter" and "Killer22."

"There's worse coming" in Uvalde

Rodríguez-Morales' threats began before the mass shooting even occurred. In her writings, the young woman assured that Salvador Ramos, the shooter who murdered 2 teachers and 19 students at Robb Elementary School last year, was her boyfriend and both had prepared the massacre and they intended to perpetrate it together, but Ramos finally left her out of it. "Salvador and I wanted to do this together, but he didn't wait for me to come," she noted in June in a post on Instagram. Furthermore, she warned that "anyways more kids will die and teens so don’t cry about this one cause there’s worse coming"

It is not the first time that Rodríguez-Morales has been deprived of liberty. The New Yok Post reports that in 2018 she was investigated and subjected to judicial proceedings for threatening citizens, authorities and official buildings in Uvalde. During her time in prison she continued to make threats. After his release, her family moved to Puerto Rico, from where the harassment continued.

"Each and every one of you will die in the name of Salvador"

The statement from the Prosecutor's Office indicates that "according to the indictment, the sworn statement in support of the criminal complaint and other public documents, Rodríguez-Morales used Gmail, Instagram, Facebook and to threaten to schools, hospitals and security forces from Uvalde (Texas)." The young woman showed no mercy towards the victims, whom she referred to as "losing souls": "All the losing souls... I pray that they burn in hell."

Additionally, according to the Prosecutor's Office, the following threats were reported:

They will shoot uvalde high school and morales jr high whenever I tell 'em So yeah the persecution is gonna start today.

I will haunt everyone from class 2022 to 2023. Each and every single one of y’all will die.

Each and every single one of y’all will die in the name of Salvador.

Your childrens hospital may blow in pieces If yall dont do as I say.

There will be bombs at the uvalde memorial hospital.

We will shoot Uvalde Texas high school and Texas A&M college.

At least one of the threats caused authorities to close a school as a precaution. Special mention is deserved for the case of Kimberly Mata-Rubio, who lost a daughter in the assault and who launched a campaign to become mayor of the city. Rodríguez-Morales noted in a publication that "if Mata Rubio wins the elections I will kill her." Each of the 13 charges carries a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison, according to the Prosecutor's Office.