The Bronx daycare where a child died after inhaling fentanyl is being investigated for drug operation

Police arrested the owner of the daycare along with another person who allegedly lived in the basement. Both were charged with murder.

Divino Niño, the Bronx daycare center that exposed four young children to fentanyl, leading to the death of one and the hospitalization of three others, is under investigation. According to police sources cited by the New York Post, the daycare seems to be a coverup for a drug operation. 

After the tragic accident, the New York Police Department arrested Grei Mendez De Ventura, the owner of the daycare which is advertised for children between six months and 12 years of age. Carlisto Acevedo Brito was also arrested and processed at the 52nd Precinct.

According to the New York Post, Acevedo rented a room inside the home-based daycare. The media shared photos of them as they left the police station. Mendez de Ventura and Acevedo are facing several charges, including the murder of the one-year-old baby.

The facts

Officers from the New York Police Department responded to a 911 call last Friday at the daycare center. According to the investigation, when officers arrived at the scene, they found three children unconscious who had allegedly come into contact with fentanyl. Officers acted quickly and administered Narcan. Despite their attempt to save them, one-year-old Nicholas Feliz Dominici, died later in the hospital.

Grei Mendez De Ventura and Carlisto Acevedo Brito were then arrested. They have been charged with depraved indifference murder, involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment of a child, assault and criminal possession of a controlled substance.