Ted Cruz believes Hispanics will vote Republican over "racist Democrats"

The senator foresees a red wave in the country thanks to a Hispanic vote that is moving away from the Democratic Party after insults and scorn.

Ted Cruz points out that Hispanic voters are switching to the Republican Party: "Democrats are openly racist". In an interview with Breitbart, the Republican senator reviews the latest racist episodes involving members of the Democratic Party and talks about the Republican expectations for the midterm elections.

The senator refers, among others, to the attacks against Congresswoman Mayra Flores. The first Mexican-born congresswoman to receive racist attacks from a blogger funded by Democrat Vicente Gonzalez. The insults and scorn have been constant since Flores succeeded in snatching from Gonzalez the representation in the House of the 34th district of Texas, a usual Democratic fiefdom.

Mayra Flores in Blog McHalen
Insults to Mayra Flores (The McHalen Blog)

Cruz also recalls First Lady Jill Biden's recent comment comparing Hispanics to "breakfast tacos". The comparison sparked the #Nosomostacos movement on social networks and highlights, in Cruz's opinion, the racism of the Democratic Party. For all these reasons, the senator emphasizes, the Hispanic community is moving away from the Democrats and toward the Republicans. This is how Cruz defines progressive racism:

"Their attitude towards minorities is that they want Hispanics, they want African-Americans, they want us all to stay on the plantation, shut up and obey them (...) Uou minorities: shut up and vote Democrat, like you're supposed to. The surprising thing about the taco phrase is that it wasn't a gaffe. That was written on the teleprompters. White House staff approved. This Biden White House thought it was good to call Hispanics a bunch of tacos".

The Republican senator denounces the complicity of the media with these Democrat attitudes. "You know what they're counting on," Cruz points out, "they're counting on the corporate media to never report it and keep it quiet forever."

The red wave in Texas...

Ted Cruz notes that the Hispanic community is seeing "the train wreck that is the socialist agenda." The senator stresses that the voter is aware of how life is harder with Joe Biden at the helm. "They are paying more at the supermarket for food. They're paying a lot more for gasoline. Are seeing crime skyrocket across the country. They're seeing illegal immigration completely out of control, with open borders. And I think they're fed up. They're upset, just like the rest of the American people."

In this regard, Cruz refers particularly to Texas, the state he represents. "South Texas is overwhelmingly Hispanic and has been Democratic for over a hundred years. It has been a stronghold of the Democratic Party." "My prediction is that I think South Texas will turn red this November," Cruz ventured in reference to the change in voting trends and the strength with which candidates such as Cassy Garcia, Monica de la Cruz or the aforementioned Mayra Flores have burst forth.

...And throughout the country

A 'red wave' will spread throughout the United States. In Cruz's view, this trend of shifting votes to the Republican Party is a national issue. The senator credits Trump with setting this trend in motion, saying that the Democrats' abandonment of the working class - and the Republicans' championing of it - has led to a sea change in the country's politics.

"We saw in 2020 that Trump's numbers with Hispanics went up significantly. I think a big part of it has to do with the socio-economic change in politics. If you think about it, 20 years ago the belief was that the Republican was the party of the rich and the Democrat was the party of the poor and working class. That has been turned around. Today's Democratic Party is the party of the wealthy, coastal billionaires. It is to those who listen. That is the agenda they follow. They focus on billionaires and have abandoned workers".

Hence Cruz's confidence in staining the country's map red in the mid-term elections next November. The senator believes that the Hispanic community has discovered in Biden a danger to their interests and highlights his vote when it comes to turning the electoral map around.

"The heart of the Republican Party is the workers. If you're a Hispanic in South Texas and you work in the oil field and you drive a pickup truck and you go bird hunting on the weekends, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to take away your job, they want to destroy your livelihood, they want to eliminate your ability to support your children, they want to take away your rights to free speech and religious freedom, and we're seeing those voters walk away from that agenda".

Education, crime and immigration

Ted Cruz ends the interview with some notes on education and crime. The senator is strongly in favor of free school choice regardless of origin or race. "If a child has access to an excellent education, the rest of their future is transformed, and that's a powerful theme in the Hispanic community," he says.

As for crime, the Republican is concerned about the high crime rates in the country. If you look at the national polls, the number one issue is inflation and gasoline prices in particular, the number two issue in the country is crime, and illegal immigration is the number three issue. "Crime and illegal immigration are closely intertwined," Cruz points out in reference to citizens' concerns for the upcoming mid-term elections.