Scott Baio leaves California due to crime and homelessness crisis

After 45 years, the actor announced on social media that he, and his taxes, are moving out of state.

Actor Scott Baio, famous for his role in the series Happy Days, announced on Twitter that he is leaving California after living there for 45 years. The actor explained that the main cause for this farewell is the explosion of the homeless crisis in recent months, which has gone from 41,000 in 2022 to 69,000 so far in 2023. In a separate tweet, the comedian stated that the golden state "is just not a safe place anymore."

Criticism about permissive policies toward crime

Baio criticized that permissive policies with "rampant" crime are leading to increased problems with homelessness. This is something that "reduces property values" and causes insecurity for Californians, in addition to things increasing in price.

His mansion is listed for almost $4 million

The actor responded to the many haters who were quick to applaud or criticize his departure by reminding them that his taxes will go with him. Other users highlighted by pointing out that "California depends on its wealthy," so Baio's departure "is a net loss" for the state.

Baio listed his Woodland Hills mansion for sale last month for nearly $4 million, according to For the time being, the actor has not announced where he will live in the near future.

The actor's departure is just one of many. Numerous celebrities, such as Mark Wahlberg, Joe Rogan and Mathew McConaughey, have left the state because of Governor Gavin Newsom's woke policies, high taxes, and instability.