Rep. Nicole Malliotakis: ‘Biden put in place over 60 policies that made our border just open’

We spoke with the New York congresswoman about the immigration crisis and the reasons why Biden is losing the Hispanic vote.

The United States is going through difficult times. Fifty-eight percent of Americans disapprove of President Joe Biden, and millions are complaining about inflation and the increase in crime. Meanwhile, the southern border is seeing record numbers of migrant encounters, and the immigration crisis is becoming a main concern for Americans. President Biden seems to deny most problems, and regarding immigration, he blames Republicans. We spoke with Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-N.Y.), to give us her analysis of the state of the nation and her evaluation of the policies of the current administration.

The congresswoman assures that it is President Biden who created the crisis that is being experienced on the southern border and explains that it is he who can solve it. She assured that as soon as he arrived at the White House, the president "put in place various policies, over 60 policies that made our border just open. And he's the one who undid President Trump's policies."

Malliotakis affirms that the main message on immigration matters is that “President Biden used executive authorities in his first day in office that made our border wide open. And now he can use those same authorities to secure the border, just like President Trump used those authorities to secure the border.”

Illegal immigration affects migrants who follow the law

The Republican congresswoman also assured that one of the biggest problems that many legal immigrants face is that because the immigration system is overwhelmed with so many applications, their processes have to wait for years, so Malliotakis believes that President Biden must do what is necessary to stop the uncontrolled flow of illegal immigrants and allow those who do carry out the legal immigration process to have hearings more quickly and not have to wait for years.

"Anybody who's come here the right way, who sacrificed, who worked hard, who never had anybody pay their rents or their health care or their education the way the Democrats are doing right now, they are offended by this open border." The congresswoman assured that her parents, who are immigrants—her mother from Cuba and her father from Greece—feel offended with the situation in the country regarding immigration. "They are offended as immigrants because they came and sacrificed so much to come to this country and they only wanted to do good."

Finally, on the immigration issue, the congresswoman from New York assured that she supports legal migration: “We've always been a nation of immigrants. We need people to come the right way and the orderly way and not break our laws.”

Biden losing the Hispanic vote

Malliotakis represents many Hispanic voters in New York, so we asked her the reasons why President Biden is losing the Hispanic vote. The Republican assured that the president's bad policies are affecting the Hispanic community, in terms of safety and also in terms of immigration.

"Hispanics are conservative. They are smart. They want to see secure borders. They are concerned about their safety as well. And they're upset because they have relatives who came here legally, who did everything right, and they're getting stuck in the bureaucratic red tape of the immigration system that this Biden administration has clogged up with all these people that they're coming in," said the congresswoman.