Real Madrid and Manchester City win in the return of the Champions League

Ancelotti's team beat Germany, with a controversial goal against Leizpig, while the 'Citizens' defeated Copenhagen.

The favorites won in the return of the Champions League. Real Madrid and Manchester City gained an advantage in the first leg of the round of 16 of the top European competition, although in a very different way. Carlo Ancelotti's team struggled to defeat Leipzig (1-0), which had taken the lead on the scoreboard, but the goal was taken back. Guardiola's men, led by Kevin de Bruyne, had no major problems in defeating Copenhagen 3-1).

Leipzig 0 - Real Madrid 1

Real Madrid had a hard time defeating Leipzig. The German team took the lead in the 2nd minute, but the goal was taken back due to a controversial offside. Even players such as Toni Kroos disagreed with the call and thought the goal should have gone up on the scoreboard. The visiting goalkeeper, Andriy Lunin, had a great game.

Copenhagen 1 - Manchester City 3

The current champion's game went exactly as Manchester had planned. Led by De Bruyne, who scored the first goal of the match, his rivals didn't stand a chance, with the exception of a missed pass from goalkeeper Ederson that tied the game. Bernardo Silva put his team ahead again and Foden closed out the game in extra time.