Pro-Palestine protesters call for canceling Christmas as they walk around a “bloody” manger in New York City

During the demonstration, anti-Semitic slogans were also chanted, such as “Long live the Intifada.”

This December 25, once again, hundreds of pro-Palestine protesters took to the streets of New York and left a deplorable image while shouting, "Christmas is canceled here," while walking around a manger painted blood red.

While hundreds of New York citizens, like every year, gathered around the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, some 500 pro-Palestinian demonstrators began a protest shouting the anti-Semitic slogan "Long live the intifada," according to the New York Post.

The New York tabloid also reported that protesters used an Arabic word for "rebellion" or "uprising."

In addition to the chants, protesters walked around a controversial nativity scene that was painted blood red and had the message 'No Joy In Genocide' written on it.

"A few scuffles broke out in the crowd after nightfall, including outside St. Patrick's Cathedral, which sent cops running through the mob — but no arrests were reported as of 6 p.m," reported the New York Post.

This is the umpteenth pro-Palestine protest in New York City after the terrorist attacks of October 7, when Hamas invaded Israeli lands by surprise, killing civilians and provoking a strong Israeli retaliation against the terrorist organization that entrenched itself in the Gaza Strip.