Prince Harry's official residence is now in the United States

Since 2020, the Duke of Sussex has resided in California on a regular basis, but only as of June 2023 did it become his primary residence on record.

Prince Harry has shifted his tax residence to the United States, marking his official departure from the United Kingdom as a resident. Recent documents to which The Telegraph had access to reflect this significant change, signaling his new status as a resident of America.

The business activities of the ex-royal will also be based in the United States. The same documents cited by the British media ensure that Harry's tourism initiative, Travalyst, will declare its activities in the United States.

Although Harry and his wife Megan have resided in California on a regular basis since 2020, the Duke of Sussex was still listed as a resident of the United Kingdom. According to the documents, the change of primary residence was made on June 29, 2023, but was only reflected in the records this week.

Prince Harry returns, however, regularly to the United Kingdom. In London, he is conducting a legal battle against several media outlets which he accuses of intrusion into his private life while he was still part of the British royal family. For this reason, he was the first member of the royal family to appear in court in more than 120 years.