Prince Harry slams Supreme Court at UN, says U.S. suffers "rollback" of "constitutional rights"

"We are witnessing a global assault on democracy and freedom, the two great causes in Nelson Mandela's life," says the woke Duke.

Accompanied by his wife, progressive chic Megan Markle, Britain's Prince Harry has used the platform gifted to him at the United Nations to lambast the Supreme Court for its overturning ruling on Roe v. Wade, which universalized abortion in the U.S. half a century ago.

In the middle of Nelson Mandela International Day, before the UN General Assembly, the grandson of the Queen of England had the audacity to proclaim that the United States is witnessing a "rollback of constitutional rights" (by the way, "abortion is not a constitutional right" in the United States). The former wayward Harry sentenced: "We are witnessing a global assault on democracy and freedom, the two great causes in Nelson Mandela's life".

Megan Markle and her feminist activism

Also here, Harry follows the speech delivered by his wife, Megan Markle. On International Women's Day 2015, the actress proclaimed herself "proud to be a feminist" and assured that she had been defending the rights of her fellow women since a precocious 11 years old. In particular, and displaying her proverbial modesty, she stressed that she had realized the transformative power of her initiatives when she succeeded in changing a television slogan. It was an advertisement for a dishwashing soap that did not make explicit that this task is not exclusive to women. Markle is a regular collaborator of UN Women, an organization co-opted by feminists of her own kind.

In his peroration, Duke Woke claimed that Duchess Woke is his "soul mate".

Megan and Harry married in 2018, and were granted the title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex. However, due to disagreements with the British Royal House, they decided to change their country of residence in 2020 and stop using the royal highness treatment. They currently reside with great ease in an exclusive area of Santa Barbara (California), with their two children: Archie Harrison (born in 2019) and Lilibet Diana (2021).

Megan Markle acompaña a Harry de Inglaterra en la Asamblea de Naciones Unidas.
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