Police find Riley Strain's body in Cumberland River

Officers had been searching for the young man ever since he disappeared in Nashville earlier this month.

This Friday, the Nashville Police found the lifeless body of Riley Strain, the young college student from Missouri who disappeared two weeks ago in Nashville.

Strain was traveling with classmates from his university fraternity. On the night of March 8, the 22-year-old student disappeared after visiting some bars.

"The body of Riley Strain was recovered from the Cumberland River in West Nashville this morning, approximately 8 miles from downtown," the Metropolitan Nashville Police published this Sunday. " No foul play-related trauma was observed. An autopsy is pending."

At an early morning press conference, John Drake, chief of the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department, reported that firefighters pulled the body from the river after receiving a tip from a private company.

Drake explained that, so far, they had found no signs of "foul play:" "Mr. Strain still had the shirt on that he was wearing, had the watch and other identifying factors that helped us identify who he is."

Hours before the discovery, police showed the family a surveillance video of Strain running. Days before his body was found, a group of influencers found his wallet near the Cumberland River. It turns out that an officer had crossed paths with the young man when he was walking along Gay Street in Nashville.