Minnesota pharmacist on trial for failure to dispense morning-after pill

He is accused of "violating civil rights", while he alludes to conscientious objection.

The Minnesota trial of pharmacist who failed to dispense the contraceptive pill (morning-after pill) begins in McGregor. The facts date back to 2019, when the complainant (a mother of 5) went to the pharmacy in search of the pill to prevent a pregnancy. The pharmacist alluded to conscientious objection (on religious grounds) for not providing it.

The plaintiff (Andrea Anderson) claims that being a small town, and the only pharmacy, she was forced to drive 50 miles in the middle of a snowstorm to get it from another establishment. For that reason, she has filed a civil lawsuit under the Minnesota Human Rights Act, as she spent more than three hours on the road, accompanied by her two-year-old son.

This is the first case in which a health professional has been prosecuted for conscientious objection. The woman is supported by Gender Justice for legal representation. Gender Justice have defended abortion as a right, being particularly active in the case of the repeal of Roe vs. Wade.