Pelosi justifies tax hike so as not to anger "Mother Earth"

The House Speaker attacked Republicans for not supporting a bill that she said would 'address' the planet's 'anger' by spending $740 billion.

Nancy Pelosi defended the Inflation Reduction Act passed Friday in the House of Representatives with Democratic Representatives voting in favor and Republicans opposing it.

The House Speaker criticized GOP members of Congress for opposing the legislation, which calls for $739 billion in spending. Pelosi claimed that Republicans who opposed the Inflation Reduction Act voted against "Mother Earth." "Mother Earth gets angry from time to time, and this legislation will help us address that," she said.

Democrats justified their support for the onerous regulation because, they say, it will serve to fight climate change. In practice, the new law includes a tax increase on the middle class, an increase in taxpayer pressure through the strengthening of the IRS and the expansion of Obama's healthcare reform. These measures have little to do with a real and effective reduction in inflation.

And all under the guise of the fight against climate change, the excuse Pelosi used to criticize the Republican Party.

The legislation passed the House after a 50-50 vote in the Senate along party lines that had to be resolved by Vice President Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote. Approval by President Joe Biden is now expected next week.

Pelosi and "Mother Earth"

This is not the first time Pelosi has shown her concern for Mother Earth's anger. The Speaker claimed two years ago that the forest fires were a consequence of her fury.