New York: school vice-principal will not hire teachers who do not accept the "sexual diversity of their students"

"In Pride Month, each child had a mirror and we would do a read aloud about a child who wanted to be a mermaid. That's one way to start."

An assistant principal at a charter school in New York City was recorded - on hidden camera - by Project Veritas acknowledging that he does not hire teachers who "do not accept the diverse sexual orientation of their students at all ages."

Todd Soper, assistant principal of two of the schools - Bronx and Harlem - in the Neighborhood Charter Schools admitted in the video that any candidate who answered wrong to a question about what he believes are the correct definitions of "diversity-equity-inclusion" was an "automatic no-contract."

If teacher candidates say diversity is something like 'Oh, it's like, you know, like everyone's the same.' Those things that are well-intentioned statements, but lack the depth of understanding of how the bonds of our identity coexist in the world. Then, that person would not be hired.

Dismissals for "not giving Black Lives Matter lessons".

The schools - which are funded by the New York City Department of Education, but privately operated - focus on "social emotional learning" and feature an  "inclusive" program that serves children with autism, which makes up about 15% of its student population, according to its website.

The assistant principal also said that a teacher who refused to give lessons on Juneteenth and Black Lives Matter and who did not believe that students' races were "a big deal" because of discrimination issues would have been fired if they did not leave voluntarily:

Our students' lives matter because of the color of their skin, and how it is intertwined with the context of the world. So, if you're not willing to fully embrace that aspect of our students-and that means talking openly about race and talking about injustices in the world-then I don't know if you're going to be able to fully fulfill your responsibilities as a teacher.

Soper explains that students have been inculcated in their schools to "adopt identities based on ethnicity, skin tone and gender," so supportive teachers are needed. He stated that any student "Should be whoever they feel they should be."

In kindergarten, during Pride month, each child had a mirror and we would talk about a read aloud about an animal or about a child saying they wanted to be a mermaid. "It's a way to start, like, I should be whoever I feel I should be."

The New York Post sent a request for comment to Neighborhood Charter School officials, which as yet, has not been responded to.

Third director exposed by Project Veritas

Project Veritas is an organization that has initiatives that bring to light unusual behavior of progressive groups through conversations recorded with hidden cameras. Soper is the third educator to be recorded recently speaking out about discriminatory school hiring policies.

The first case exposed was that of Jeremy Boland, an elementary school assistant principal in Connecticut who revealed that he refuses to hire Catholic teachers, conservatives and people over 30 years old because they are not progressive enough:

You don't hire them... I don't want to do it... Because, if someone has been brought up to be very Catholic, it's like they've been brainwashed. When you ask them to consider something new or change their mind, they are paralyzed, rigid. Open-minded and more progressive teachers are actually more adept at conveying a Democratic message without ever having to mention politics.

The subject of the second recording was Jennifer Norris, a student activities director at Trinity School in Manhattan, who admitted to pushing progressive ideas in the classroom and issuing racial slurs against white children:

I try to interrupt whenever I can, and now I have many opportunities to do so.... I don't hide how I feel, but I can't pretend I don't promote an agenda, I clearly do. We've been sneaking things through the cracks. I am in charge and will not allow Republican perspectives on campus.

There is a large contingent of white guys who are just awful. And one wonders, 'Are you always going to be horrible or are you only going to be horrible now?' I don't know... I think they have to go. I think they are really horrible people.... They are so protected by capitalism. That's something I'm afraid of with my white students, who are wealthy. It saddens me.