New York: school principal admits to promoting progressive indoctrination in classrooms

Jennifer Norris talks about how at her school "there's a large contingent of white kids who are just awful" and "have to leave."

Trinity School, a private school in New York has been in the spotlight ever since it was revealed how its Director of Student Activities admited in a video posted by Project Veritas to pushing progressive ideas in the classroom and using racist slurs against white children.

In the recording, Principal Jennifer Norris is seen talking about how she promotes "a progressive agenda in students" and does not allow "Republican perspectives on campus." National Review had access to an e-mail sent by the head of school to to the school community which made it clear that his administration had not authorized the activities Norris was promoting at the school.

Norris admits to "sneaking in" her "progressive agenda."

Project Veritas -an initiative that brings to light unusual behavior by progressive groups through conversations recorded on hidden camera, released Norris' video as the second installment in a saga of revealing interviews showing how in schools there are workers who instill their political agenda in every area where they have access.

The principal clearly exposes in the recording how she tries to "sneak" her "political agenda into the classrooms." She does not allow Republican perspectives on campus:

I try to interrupt whenever I can, and now that I am in this position, I have many opportunities to do so.... I don't hide how I feel, but I can't pretend I don't promote an agenda, I clearly do. There are always groups of teachers who want to do these things to promote their political thinking, but the administration won't let us. So we've been sneaking things through the cracks. I am in charge and will not allow Republican perspectives on campus. Not on my watch.

Also in the video you can see how she disparages white boys saying they are "just awful":

Unfortunately, it is the white kids who feel very entitled to express their contrary opinions and to reject what one imposes. There is a large contingent of them that are just awful. And one wonders, 'Are you always going to be horrible or are you only going to be horrible now?' I don't know... I think they have to go. I think they are really horrible people.... They are so protected by capitalism. That's something I'm afraid of with my white students, who are wealthy. It saddens me.

Norris says her duties include bringing guest speakers to the school twice a week and said she made it clear to the principal that she would maintain his 100 percent Democratic position to the students:

I talked to the principal and said, 'If I run this, I will be 100% democrat with the students. I want to make sure the kids are involved and care. If they want to bring in Republican speakers, someone else has to do it.

The school's response

Trinity School is a private school on the Upper East Side that costs $60,000 a year. The director and the chairman of its board of directors stated that there are several disturbing statements in the video and noted that they would continue to investigate the facts. However, in an e-mail, they wrote and justified that the school and Norris:

They have become the focus of media attention as a result of recordings that were made without their knowledge or permission by someone impersonating someone. So we are going to hire an outside lawyer to conduct an independent investigation. As part of the research process we will be reviewing the school protocols and practices that are in place to ensure that we are living up to our determination to build a more inclusive community.

The school also called the situation "difficult" and noted in its defense that the sentiments expressed in the video do not reflect the school's mission or values:

This is a profoundly difficult time. While the circumstances surrounding the recordings are deeply disturbing, and we are deeply troubled by the reprehensible manner in which Ms. Norris and our school community were attacked, we are treating this matter with the utmost seriousness (...) It is important to note that the sentiments expressed in the video do not reflect the mission or values of Trinity School.

Similar cases

Project Veritas previously published a similar video that is part of the saga. In the recording, an assistant principal of an elementary school in Greenwich, CT can be seen admitting that he refuses to hire Catholic, conservative, and 30+ teachers because they are not progressive enough.

Assistant principal Jeremy Boland said he never hires Catholic teachers because they tend to be more conservative and it's "like they've been brainwashed." In addition, one of the most important characteristics that aspiring educators must have in their school is a clear acceptance of transsexuality in minors:

You don't hire them... I don't want to do it... Because, if someone has been brought up to be very Catholic, it's like they've been brainwashed. You can't make him change his mind. When you ask them to consider something new or change their mind, they are paralyzed, rigid. Believe it or not, open-minded and more progressive teachers are actually more adept at conveying a Democratic message without ever having to mention politics.

Connecticut law prohibits discriminatory hiring practices, particularly on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, and gender expression or identity.